Masureel Art Factory is a platform for artistic research and production, hosted by Masureel. MAF activates the connection between Masureel’s industrial activity and the passion for art.

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We include their expertise in the concept of the new visual identity.

Inspired by the fragmented characteristics of wallpaper (you built a whole by assembling different strips), Studio Mast designed a dynamic and interactive logo. The surface that holds the logo is always divided into three proportional strips. In each strip, a letter of the logo is centered.

Book cover Masureel Art Factory editions
MAF Business Card

Each year masureel releases several collections. In addition to these collections, there are special editions that feature an artist published by M A F. To make the link with the artist, we designed an art book inside the catalog. When you open the edition, you get both a catalog with the samples on the left side and the art book about the artist on the right side.

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