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Fondation Bernheim

Supporting innovative projects of Brussels youth

A brand-new webdesign for Fondation Bernheim where their vision and projects come to life. As the dedicated graphic partner of Tentwelve, they once again enlisted our collaboration for this website. So, we took care of the web design.

Fondat bernheim webdesign by studiomast
Fondat bernheim webdesign by studiomast2
Fondat bernheim webdesign by studiomast4
Fondat bernheim webdesign by studiomast3

What was the goal?

Our goal was to transform their complex old website into a simple structure that is easily accessible. We achieved this by starting the website from four clear pillars.

How did the web design come about?

What's better than starting the website with their powerful logo that appears throughout the site, an image to immediately convey their goal and vision, and below that, a menu for seamless navigation? This is not only functional but also provides a strong graphic appeal to the entire website.

We alternate between the two fonts of their already existed house identity to create dynamism and hierarchy during reading. By strongly contrasting the font sizes, we refined the website, making it more enjoyable for the visitor to read.

Webdesign: Studio Mast | Webdevelopment: Tentwelve | Branding: Facetofacedesign

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