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SEEK initiative

An online community for investigators

We designed the branding and webdesign for SEEK. It is a community and learning platform for whether you consider yourself a journalist, activist, artist, scholar, student, ...

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When creating the branding, we wanted to get into the mind of their target audience

We balanced the look and feel of an open and fun community vibe, but also seriousness of the cases, as well as productive learning through their 10 paths. We alternated this balance through the colors.

When designing, we wanted to get inside the head of SEEK's target audience: The style cues throughout the branding, come from the process when people research, analyze, read, ... they underline key phrases, they draw probes when they want to make connections or conclusions.

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We provided a customized consistent flexible corporate identity

When creating a branding and webdesign, it is important to be consistent so that a recognizability is formed. The logo is continued in bullets, numbering, highlights, navigation, ...

A lot of information can sometimes be overwhelming for visitors. Using animated infographics, we make sure the principles are easy to understand and read to make impactful research.

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