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La Monnaie | Behind the scenes

Opera La Monnaie | De Munt

Putting an opera together is a team effort carried out by coun­tless unsung talents, who mostly work back­stage and in the Work­shops. Without them, there is no show.
Take a closer look behind the scenes and explore some in­accessible parts of La Monnaie, the opera house in the heart of Brussels.

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UI design behind the scenes

Studio Mast was responsible for the ui design for this website. You can visit the spaces by following different paths. This goes from scenography, stage management to orchestra. The graphic details are inspired by the lines of the building plan of the opera de munt. The dot at the end of the line refers to a destination when drawing a route.

©Images: Nathalie Salaméro, Pieter Claes and Constance Proux

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