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Frans Masereel Centrum

The Frans Masereel Centrum is a center for contemporary art. The center combines an artist-oriented exhibition and production schedule with an international residency program for artists and curators, often with a specific focus on printed matter-at-large. The new visual identity and website were designed and realized in collaboration with Studio.Dier.

FMC website ipad
FMC website iphone

We created a website that communicates the multifaceted activities of Frans Masereel Centrum

Through intense collaboration and extensive analysis, we managed to provide a user-friendly path within a complex structure of branches that are all inherently linked to one another. The website is designed in such a way that the visitor is stimulated to keep browsing through the website and to discover the story of Frans Masereel Centrum.

Frans masereel centrum posters
Fmc logo

The visual identity goes hand in hand with the rich history and site of Frans Masereel Centrum

The Frans Masereel Centre has an undeniably rich history in many areas. It is a unique research center that enjoys a strong (inter)national image. Not only its extensive collection and the many printing techniques, but also its lush surroundings, the views and the architecture served as an important source of inspiration for the development of the new visual identity.

The architecture, for example, reflects itself in the use of the large rounded shapes and soft colored areas interrupted by hard lines. It offers a response to the center's idiosyncratic location that is shaped by its specific architecture.

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The characteristic circle was mostly retained, but slightly adapted in relation to the new typography and style characteristics. The logo image is also an archetypical and timeless symbol that continues to serve as a bridge between the past and the future. The typography is the basis of the new visual identity. We chose two distinctive sans serif fonts that support and complete each other perfectly in terms of contrast and weight. The new color palette is notable for its exuberance. Three basic colors and seven spot colors ensure a lively look. The colors underline the vitality of the center.

The cover graphic design of the flyer of Frans Masereel Centrum
Opening the flyer of Frans Masereel Centrum
The inside graphic design of the flyer of Frans Masereel Centrum
Frans masereel centrum brochure
Frans masereel centrum brochure posters
Frans masereel centrum brochure poster

“ … In short, I would immediately work with Studio Mast again. ”

The cooperation with Studio Mast went really smooth. They immediately understood where we wanted to go with Frans Masereel Centrum, but they certainly did not get carried away in their own vision. I really liked that! You really feel that Studio Mast strives for a maximum result for the customer. They were always flexible. In short, I would immediately work with Studio Mast again.

Iris | Frans Masereel Centrum 2020

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