marc camille chaimowicz poster and campaign design by Studio Mast
Marc camille chaimowicz exposition room 3


Center for Contemporary Art Brussels

We are pleased to announce that we are the new long-term graphic design team for WIELS Brussels.

From exhibition identities to museum signage.

For each exhibition at WIELS, Studio Mast creates a exposition identity that is carried through to posters, stickers, ads, flyers, banners, animations, socials, emails, signage and more.

Each campaign provide a creative concept that supports and enhances the exhibition. This with the goal of bringing the artist to the forefront, standing out on the streets.

"Samenwerken met Studio Mast is een aanrader. Ze vinden goed het evenwicht tussen creativiteit en institutionele huisstijl, en denken actief mee na over design en de beoogde effecten ervan. Dankzij een efficiënte manier van communiceren en project managing, besparen we intern ook veel tijd." Fran WIELS (2023)

Poster design for the exhibition Francis Alÿs, Nature of the game
banner design for the exhibition Francis Alÿs at WIELS

Francis Alÿs, The Nature of the Game

An extensive selection of Francis Alÿs' famous films of children's games in dialogue with his subdued paintings and the film installation The Silence of Ani.

Girl reads artist text on the wall.
Scenography for the exhibition Francis Alÿs
Two guys reading the wall text inside the exhibition of Francis Alÿs
Glued posters of the exhibition Francis Alÿs in the street of Brussels

The exhibition design for Danai Anesiadou

Through the graphic approach and contrasting color, the choice of image we immediately set the right mood for the campaign. A curiosity and partly mystery is aroused by the semi-hidden typography and the detail of the sculpture, which one also finds in the concept of her exhibition.

Campaign and Poster Design of the exhibition of Danai Anesiadou hanging in the streets of Brussels
Design of the artist statement of Danai Anesiadou at WIELS
Graphic stickers of the current exhibitions on the outer windows of WIELS designed by Studio MAST
Design of the artist statement at WIELS designed by studiomast
Girl reading the floor poster at WIELS designed by Studio Mast
View of the exhibition of danai anesiadou at WIELS

The idea behind the exposition design of Marc Camille Chaimowicz

We started working with the term 'Nuit Americaine', which encompasses the concept of the exhibition. Based on this concept, we chose to use the colour of the exhibition as the background, instead of the standard white background with coloured text. The corners of the designs are also a subtle nod to the artist's collages in his exhibition.

Marc camille chaimowicz poster design by studiomast
Marc camille chaimowicz exposition view at WIELS
WIELS poster design by studio mast for the exhibition Marc Camille Chaimowicz, Nuit Américaine
Girl holding the designed visitors guide of the exhibition Marc Camille Chaimowicz
View of exhibition room 3 of Marc camille chaimowicz. Guy is holding the visitors guide that is designed by Studio Mast

Credit photograph building WIELS: Andrea Anoni

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