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Discovering the Wallonia-Brussels music scene.

Larsen is a music magazine in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation in Belgium. They cover all styles; from classical to contemporary, jazz, electro, rock and chanson. The magazine offers interesting interviews, columns and articles about the music scene in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation.

Studio Mast was responsible for the web design. Larsen is known for their free aesthetic magazine. We wanted to create a cohesive visual link between the digital and print. The general idea of the website starts from the format of a magazine. The structure is based on the duality of a spread in a magazine. The article or other pages are divided into two frames — as if you would be reading a virtual magazine.

The website was designed in such a way to optimize readability and accessibility for readers. Through proper adjustments of the text and typographic details, readers can read long articles and process large amounts of information without feeling deterred or distracted. Tentwelve called on us to help design the layout.

Image on the right by Romain Garcin

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