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During the past few years, Studio Mast has been designing the film poster and graphic work for cinematographer Gert-Jan Verdeyen. The posters are designed in such a way that they add an extra layer to the film’s narrative.

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At night we fly | 2020

Neither man nor woman. Three non-binary friends create a safe space in the streets of the city. Away from reality for one night. To be themselves at last, proud of who they are. But what will happen once the sun rises?

With the story in mind, we designed the movie poster for ‘At Night we Fly’. The movie poster is a safe space in which the main characters are floating. Different shots of the film were used in the design’s composition. Because the characters get to know themselves better throughout the film, the FLY is a burst of their inner self.

Ik zie wat jij niet ziet | 2018

The holiday is finished. Bavo and Elias want to hitch-hike back home. They drive along with a father and his son. Bavo doesn’t feel comfortable and is struggling in communicating with other people in the car.

The main characters of the film handle the car ride differently. Starting from this concept we designed two posters. These two posters have a different point of view and color combination to show the different views of the characters.

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