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The independence of our choices, our bodies, our lives.

At Studio Mast, we are excited about various collaborations, especially when there is a strong moral background that positively impacts the world. And UTSOPI is one of them.

UTSOPI is committed to the rights of sex workers and strives for a world where they are respected and protected. The values of self-determination, solidarity and respect are at the core of this organization.

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A visual identity with depth.

In creating the brand identity, we wanted to tell their story that reflects the three essences of UTSOPI: safety, action and solidarity.

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Utsopi visual identity studio mast

The story behind the logo

The logo begins with the symbolic red umbrella, which symbolizes the Sex Worker Pride Movement, which was initiated in 2019.. We chose to show the umbrella from above, a visual link to a shield representing the fight for rights.

Graphic features

Inspired by activist flyers, we came up with a duotone grid to add dynamism to the corporate identity. By rounding off the duotone grid from above in a semicircle, it symbolizes to the umbrella that offers protection from "the rain" of violence, discrimination and stigma.

Flexible Visual identity

As with all our brand designs, UTSOPI's visual identity is created using a flexible visual system.

A design system is a set of reusable components (such as icons, graphic elements, fonts, image placement, calendar layouts) that can be put together according to clear rules to create different things like prints, posters, social media, motions.

With a guide explaining why and how to use these elements, we make them easily applicable.

This ensures that there is a clear visual consistency in their communication, which allows them to stand out to the outside world.

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Utsopi webdesign studio mast

Developing the website

With these powerful ground rules, we designed and built the website to provide up-to-date information and a library of open source or proprietary documents for sex workers. The website serves as a home base of information, allowing sex workers to work safely.

We also looked to track as little information as possible from the visitor so that it makes them feel safe when they visit the website.

The website was designed with a flexible block system inside craft cms, allowing UTSOPI to easily create extensive and diverse pages. It is a dynamic and customizable website that can move with the growth of the organization, something we consider essential.

We are extremely proud of the result. Check it here

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